3500% ROAS

Know how we helped a leading water ionizer brand launch it’s product here in India and achieve great results.

About Tyent

Tyent has been the leader in manufacturing water-ionization systems that transform regular tap water into pure, healthy, electrolytically-reduced, and hydrogen-rich drinking water.

TAEYOUNG E&T CO. LTD is a Korean-based water ionizer manufacturing company that sells its products in 32 countries around the world.

The Challenge

Tyent, although a renowned brand name around the world, was a new and alien brand to the Indian audience. They contacted Brand Your Work when they wanted to achieve the same level of success they enjoyed in other parts of the world.

They wanted us to help them drive sales and build their name in the Indian market from scratch. The work required a marketing and branding strategy that would help them survive in the present and sustain themselves in the long run.

The Solution

Website Redesign

We started by building a beautiful website as it would be the most crucial and easily accessible asset for the company. Our development and marketing team work hand in hand to develop a website that could be leveraged later on for the marketing campaigns.

The team did extensive research concerning design, content, and layouts. They made sure that the website was aesthetically beautified, and contained all the information the customers were looking for.

The design team worked hard to make sure that the website’s design resonates with the sense of purity, health, sophistication, innovative technology and also goes in sync with Tyent India’s logo. These were important because these were some important aspects of the water ionizer brand they wanted to put across their audience.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are one of the most crucial aspects before starting PPC ads.

Our digital marketing and the development team work together to build a landing page that would drive conversions.

Our strategy for the layout and content of the landing page was to attack the competitors of Tyent. People of India were not familiar with the Tyent as much as they were with Kangen(competitor brand). 

We also ensured that the landing page had an easily accessible call to action buttons and a chatbot for the visitors to take action and submit their information.

Performance Marketing

The client was quite clear that their main objective was to increase their sales. They wanted the maximum budget spent on acquiring new customers and the remaining on branding.

We started by building their ideal customer profile by digging deep into competitor activities, online communities, etc. We analyzed the market and its behavior to come up with the best possible strategy for Tyent. 

We noticed that the Google ads platform was driving a lot of traffic for their competitors. As Google ads drive high-quality web traffic we decided to harness this traffic and drive maximum results.

Social media we used to retarget website visitors for building brand credibility and generating leads.

This strategy helped them get about 1200 high-quality Leads and reach 1 million people effectively on their ads which drastically increased their brand presence in India.

Business Impact

We took on Tyent India’s project when it had just launched in India. India as a whole is a huge market but, you need to have the skill to tap into this market in the right way. We did just that achieved amazing results for Tyent India.

1) 3500% return on ads spent.

2) 1200 High quality leads generated.

3) 1 million people reached effectively.

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