Naman Pokarna Photography

Our client Aman Pokarna has been photographing in the name of this company Naman Pokarna Photography since 2013. He is quite renowned in India for his work and is always in demand during the wedding season.

Initially, he started as a fashion photographer! Over the years, his exceptional skills got him the opportunity to work for different magazines where he covered: cover page shoots, models shoots, celebrities shoots, and a lot more.

The Objective

Naman Photography lacked an online presence. They need a website that could display their beautiful portfolio and at the same time talk about their services and attract new clients.

The Solution

Our design team decided to make a variety of elegant pages, smooth animation, engaging scroll, video integration, and other design solutions to present the amazing photo content online.

All the major pages of the website are based on a minimalist layout, impressive visuals, a light background, and mastered negative space: that makes them full of air and freshness and lets the visitors feel it from the first seconds. Also, such an approach ensures that all the diverse visual content, from archive black and white photos to modern shots and videos, will look good on the pages.

The home page features a beautiful carousel banner view of the best photo short with an animated flow of content that makes it even more lively and atmospheric.

The website also contained a list of services provided by Naman Photography along with client testimonials and a prompt call to action section for attracting new customers.

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