Generated over 100 Admission Inquiries in just 3 months

Know how we started from scratch and generated 100+ Leads for Zee school during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The Challenge

Though Mount Litera Zee School had a good name in the schooling community, their problem was that they lacked an online presence.

They also were looking for admissions and were relying on our expertise to generate school admissions.

The Solution

Website Redesign

Without any hesitation, we started with redesigning Zee School’s website. They wanted a website that would uplift their school image online and had all the information about their school, teachers, etc to the visitors to go through.

Our design and development team was up for the task. Our design team built an aesthetically beautiful website. It also complimented the color combination of the logo

Not just that! The website has a smooth user interface with properly channeled layouts that allows visitors to browse through the information easily.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are one of the most important aspects before starting PPC ads.

Our digital marketing and the development team work together to build a landing page that would drive conversions.

We made sure that the landing page had tailored information concerning the campaigns we were running. In this case, we were running a Free Scholarship Test campaign, so we made sure that the 1st section on the landing page talks about it. On the 1st section with the scholarship test banner, we added a prominent contact form for capturing the leads.

We also made sure that the landing page has easily accessible call-to-action buttons for the visitors to take action and submit their information.

Performance Marketing

Keeping the goal in mind of generating more admission inquiries and improving brand name, we started the research work.

We went through a lot of content right from researching how the audience interacted with Zee school and their competitors. 

We made Market Sophistication Audits understand the market they are in ie. what works and what doesn’t in the market. 

After that, we did message mining and developed their Ideal customer profile. It was done to understand the audience and put across the best messages and creatives to them.

We majorly used two platforms for advertising which were Google and Facebook. Our strategy was to target customers based on their interests and promote a free scholarship test.

Our campaigns helped them get about more than 100 admission inquiries and reach 2 lask 47 thousand people from their ads which drastically increased their brand presence locally.

Business Impact

Mount Litera Zee School, struggled to generate admission inquiries as people are reluctant to switch their kids’ schools in these difficult times.

But our marketing campaigns did wonders for them. Working with us they got:-

  1. 100 Admission Inquiries generated 
  2.  2 Lakh People reached.


These astonishing results for our client have resulted in a long-term partnership with them.

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