Kuldep Sethi

About Kuldep Sethi

Quoted as Hyderabad’s most premier Fitness Guru by top lifestyle magazines and TV channels, Kuldeep Sethi is an internationally certified trainer associated with ACSM, CSCS, TRX, and IKFF.

He has helped many celebrities getting in shape like Vijay Deverakonda, Varun Tej, Ram Pothineni, Sundeep Krishna, Kartikeya Gummakonda, etc.

The Objective

With a lot of experience, expertise, and after training a lot of celebrities Kuldeep Sethi wanted to reach the masses.

Kuldeep Sethi just didn’t want to help the celebrities get in shape. He also wanted to reach out to the general public and help them achieve their fitness goals too.

The Solution

What better way to reach the masses than a website?

As websites are just a search or a click away, making them easily accessible for the general public, it was the perfect solution for Kuldeep Sethi. 

Our design team focused on getting across Kuldeep’s personality and energy in a way that sets him apart from his competition while also keeping the flow and functionality simple, neat, and intuitive.

Kuldeep has a great life-transforming 30-day fitness challenge that he wanted to promote. So, after completing our research, we crafted a seamless user flow that would convert many website visitors into customers.

Our team planned the fitness challenge in a sophisticated and systematic manner. The system is all automated right from the user getting introduced to the challenge to purchasing it, and in the end, logging in and using it.

The Result

Coming to the results Kuldeep’s website gets about 7-8 thousand monthly page views and has made about 6 Lakh rupees total in sales.

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