Generated over 350 leads in just 2 months

Know how we started from scratch and generated 350+ Leads for Borra Toyota during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

About Borra Toyota

Borra Toyota is an authorized car dealer of Toyota in Nizamabad. Borra Toyota is a name synonymous with trust and quality

Their showroom and service center both are at Bardipur, Nizamabad. The showroom is built with a modern design where a full range of Toyota cars comprising various models of Toyota Innova, Fortuner, Yaris, etc. are displayed.

The Challenge

Borra Toyota reached out after they saw the number of positive reviews Brand Your Work has on Google.

They were opening up a new showroom and service center in Nizamabad. Due to covid restrictions, they could not promote their store with offline means and need help with their online promotion.

Borra Toyota had three objectives, one to attract new customers to their service center, second to drive more car sales, and third to make people aware of their brand in their locality.

The Solution

Our digital marketing team was up for the task. We started by doing thorough market, audience, and competitor research. 

We made Market Sophistication Audits understand the market they are in i.e. what works and what doesn’t in the market. 

 We planned to leverage the power of social media marketing as that’s where most of the eyeballs were. 

We ran multiple ad campaigns to achieve all three goals of the client. One was to get leads for the service center, the second was to drive more car sales, and the 3rd was to increase their brand presence.

Our team blended messages using user persona to connect with the customers and displayed lucrative offers that they cannot resist. 

Our campaigns helped achieve maximum return on ad spend for Borra Toyota.

Business Impact

We started the marketing campaigns during the COVID-19 pandemic. They were struggling to find potential customers as people are reluctant to make any purchase in these difficult times.

But our marketing campaigns did wonders for them. Working with us they got:-


  1.  500+ Leads generated
  2.  70 thousand people reached


These astonishing results for our client have resulted in a long-term partnership with them.

Our Work

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