Amrabad Tiger Reserve

About ATR

The Amrabad Tiger Reserve is part of the Nallamala Forest track and has rich Biological Diversity with several endemic species of flora and fauna.

 This Forest tract is home to a large number of Tigers in Telangana State. The hilly terrain of this Tiger Reserve with deep valleys and gorges forms the catchment of the Krishna River.

 It is one of the largest tiger reserves in India that extends about 2611.4 Sq Km over the Nagarkurnool and Nalgonda districts of Telangana State. The Amrabad Tiger Reserve is a well-known and well-preserved nature reserve in Nallamala Hills, part of the Eastern Ghats chain. It is the second-largest Tiger Reserve in terms of core area but the sixth-largest tiger reserve in terms of total area among 51 Tiger Reserves in India.

The Challenge

The Amrabad Tiger Reserve didn’t have any website or online presence. So, the people looking for them couldn’t even get basic information about the Tiger Reserve. 

They wanted a website that had all the necessary information their visitors needed. Along with that, they even wanted a booking system on the website which would help them increase their visitors.

The Solution

Our designers at Brand Your Work planned to design and build a website that resonated with the theme of nature.

The content given by Amrabad Tiger Reserve was extensive and needed to be organized correctly without complicating the user flow

Our team designed the website structure such that visitors can effortlessly navigate through the website accessing all the necessary information.

In addition to the beautiful aesthetics and seamless structure we also integrated a sophisticated booking system. This booking system’s user flow was planned and designed to increase the footfall of the Tiger Reserve. The booking system designed was so seamless that the user glides through the booking process.

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