Social Media for Takeaway Restaurants/Pubs

Perhaps the most competitive niche in the restaurant world, social media for takeaway restaurants is all about making your brand’s voice as engaging as those of the big names.

With big-brand takeaways dominating much of the fast-food marketing scene, it can be intimidating to try and match their nationwide campaigns. With huge budgets, TV adverts and social media to back them up, it can leave independents and smaller chains feeling at a loss for how to compete. Emphasizing quality and targeting your audience strategically is the best way to really capture the attention of potential consumers.


Smaller takeaway brands have an advantage over the larger chains – the food is most likely healthier, with more time and effort put into its production. If your food is made fresh, or if you use a healthy oil to cook your fries, make sure you’re shouting about it!

Showcasing the extra care you take in preparing your food will go a long way with customers – they might be looking for an affordable bite to eat, but they’re likely to see any healthy cooking choices made to their food’s preparation as a perk.


Takeaways and fast food joints are most likely to appeal to a younger audience looking to enjoy tasty food without breaking the bank. Make sure you keep this in mind when it comes to social media – Facebook and Instagram are the most lucrative platforms for the industry, and you need to make sure your tone, language, and content is likely to appeal.

It’s worth considering the platforms younger people are likely to dominate as well – Instagram’s user base, for example, is 59% 18-29 year-olds. Consider running an offer or promotion that captures this audience and encourages them to engage with your brand directly.


Whilst the price point of fast food is generally low, offering a package deal or a family offer is a great way to encourage users to visit. Great value for more is the key here – a simple lunchtime deal or a family bucket that encourages users to see the deal as offering more for less is the perfect strategy for increasing footfall.

We love to help businesses grow. Get in touch to arrange a complimentary, bespoke digital strategy for your takeaway restaurant. 

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